About SY. Travel Israel Office LTD. - Israel Tours

SY. Travel Israel Office Ltd. is a family-run business which specializes in incoming tourism to our homeland – Israel.

SY. Travel Israel Office Ltd. was established and licensed in 1995 by the Israeli government's Tourist Office.

Our love of Israel and our extensive experience enables us to share our land with you through its history, culture and ethnicity. Layer by layer you uncover your roots and Israel's past, loop by loop you connect the past to the present. The bible, history, archeology, the modern-day nation – all merging into an amazing country called Israel.

Being a family business, we make every effort to understand the needs and wishes of the people we work for and this is what sets us apart from the rest. Personalized services are our specialty.

Our services include:

Tailor-Made Itineraries
The very best authorized guides
Accommodation arrangements at various levels of hotels
Transportation (private cars, limos, buses, etc.)
Airport Assistance

Meet the Family

Yaffa Friedman General Manager

Yaffa, who was born in Morocco to a family who longed to come to Israel, today fulfills the wishes of others to come and enjoy Israel by giving them a singular holy land experience. In 1980 she got her "Touring Expert" diploma from the State of Israel and a few years later she received an additional "Travel Expert" diploma. In 1983 she successfully completed the Hebrew University's "High Management Course in Tourism". Throughout the years Yaffa has accumulated immense experience in this field of work. In 1995 Yaffa decided that the time had come to establish her own company. Yaffa's professional vision is founded on seeing the person behind the travel reservation and identifying his or her unique needs and wishes. Her unwavering adherence to this principle provides her with the skill to grant each and every client his or her custom-made tour in Israel.

Menachem Friedman Authorized Tour Guide

Menachem was born in Israel to a bona fide Zionist family – a small family that symbolizes the resurrection of the Jewish people after the Holocaust. He grew up in Jerusalem and was educated on the love of Israel. It was only natural that a few years after he completed his service in the Israel Defense Force, he was certified as a tour guide by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. Menachem has years of experience as a tour guide and knows almost every hook and nook in the country. Menachem enjoys the opportunity to share his love of Israel with others.

Yael Friedman Vatury Travel Expert & Authorized Tour Guide

Yael is the middle daughter in the Friedman family. She was born and raised in a home in which the love of Israel was present in every aspect. After completing her service in the Israel Defense Force, Yael began studying for her Bachelor's degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. During her studies, Yael worked in one of the leading hotels in Jerusalem. Upon receiving her B.A. degree in Sociology, Anthropology and Jewish and Comparative Folklore studies, Yael joined the family business alongside her parents. In 2011 Yael received her tour guide license from the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. Today, Yael manage the family business while guiding throughout Israel.

SY Travel Israel Office

* family-run business * custom-made packages * individuals and groups
Our services include:

  • Tailor-Made Itineraries
  • The very best authorized guides
  • Accommodation arrangements at various levels of hotels
  • Transportation
  • Airport Assistance
and more...