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  • Bat Mitzvah & Bar MitzvahTours

    Bat Mitzvah & Bar MitzvahTours

    Celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion by creating a meaningful memory and deepening your connection to Israel.

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    Jewish Heritage Tours

    Experience Jewish culture through exploring past and present communities around the world

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    Synagogue & Congregation Tours

    Join your Rabbi and congregation for a tour that connects you and your family to your Jewish roots and to Israel's future.

Meet the Family

Yaffa Friedman

General Manager

Yaffa, who was born in Morocco to a family who longed to come to Israel, today fulfills the wishes of others to come and enjoy Israel by giving...

Menachem Friedman

Authorized Tour Guide

Menachem was born in Israel to a bona fide Zionist family – a small family that symbolizes the resurrection of the Jewish people after the...

Yael Friedman Vatury

Travel Expert & Authorized Tour Guide

Yael is the middle daughter in the Friedman family. She was born and raised in a home in which the love of Israel was present in every aspect...

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Hello Yael,
I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and support during our visit to Israel.
The setting for the Bat Mitzvah itself could not have been any better and the entire visit was very worthwhile and enjoyable. It was also great to get your perspectives and insights, as someone who was born and raised in Israel, on the overall situation in Israel, and to learn about your family and especially your grandfather (as well as the usual tourist information). I was also very impressed that you had been a paratrooper.
Most importantly, the visit reinforced and strengthened the connection Julia and Sara feel for Israel.
In addition, we consider you a friend and hope to see you again.
Best wishes, 
Bruce,Julia and Sara

 Bruce, Julia & Sara Bruce, Julia & Sara

Shalom Yaffa-
I know I told you in person, but THANK YOU again for planning such a wonderful trip for us. I know the size of our group was challenging but all things considered, it went very smoothly and everyone enjoyed it immensely. Zvi was such a terrific tour guide and we really enjoyed touring with him. Please say hello to him from us. Moshe was the best bus driver -- we loved him!! The trip really touched all of us, so much so that Eric and I decided separately that we are not going to have a big party in New York for Jesse's bar mitzvah and we are going to concentrate everything in Israel. I look forward to hearing from you and planning this event with you.

 Shira Shira

Dear Yaffa and Menachem:
We send greetings and best wishes to you from the Niehoff travel group. As we think back on our time in Israel, we are most grateful for the opportunity to be there and experience first hand the many things that we were able to do. The historical, religious, and political significance of your country is amazing. None of us will look at that part of the world in the same way again. Thanks for all you did to make our trip so memorable and worthwhile.
Our prayers are with you and your country for a lasting and just peace for all.
Most sincerely,
John and Sue

 John and Sue John and Sue