Wine, Dine and Culture

Wine, Dine and Culture

A unique gourmet plan will be designed to meet your tastes, including many different dining experiences in Israel's most renowned restaurants and wineries. Our daily-picked fresh vegetables and fruits make all the difference. Our highly acclaimed wines are world-famous for their incomparable quality. Israel's contemporary food culture derives from its rich ethnic variety and with us you get to meet the people behind the dishes. The food styles that will be served: Israeli, Middle Eastern, Yemenite, French, Moroccan, Kurdish, Italian, Eastern European, Indian, Ethiopian, South American and many more.

Tour Highlights:
  • Culinary tour of  Machane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem
  • Home hospilatiy and lunch with a Druze family
  • Market tour and cooking class with a chef 
  • Getting to know different ethnic cuisines and their cooks
  • visits at wineries, beer breweries, and chocolatiers for tasting tours
  • traditional Moroccan meal at a Jewish-Moroccan home
and more...




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