Catholic Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Catholic Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

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  • Arrival

    Arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport. Meeting and assistance by our representative.
    Transfer to Tel Aviv.
    Overnight: Tel Aviv 
  • Jaffa – Caesarea – Haifa – Megiddo

    Visit Old Jaffa (Joppa) where Peter lodged at the house of Simon the Tanner. Drive through the Sharon Plain to Caesarea, where St. Peter made the first Gentile conversion and where St. Paul was later imprisoned. Visit the Roman Theatre, the port, the Crusader town and Roman aqueduct. Continue atop Mount Carmel, associated with the Prophet Elijah’s confrontation with the priests of Baal. Panoramic view of Haifa with its famous hanging Bahai gardens. Visit the Stella Maris Monastery, the Carmelites site indicates the cave where it is believed Elijah hid from King Ahab. Explore the remains of ancient civilizations in Megiddo, view Solomon's Gate, Ahab’s chariot stables and ancient water system. Through the Jezreel Valley – the valley of Armageddon with its rich biblical history: Deborah, Gideon, King Saul, Jesus at Nain, and the Transfiguration in the Galilee.
    Overnight: Kibbutz guesthouse 
  • Sea of Galilee – Nazareth

    From the cool tranquility of the Mount of Beatitudes contemplate the immortal words of the Sermon on the Mount with the Sea of Galilee at your feet. Visit Tabgha mosaics which tell the story of the miracle of multiplication of the loaves and fishes. Visit Capernaum; the base of the Jesus' Galilean ministry, the ancient synagogue and St. Peter's House. Boat ride across the Sea of Galilee to Tiberias. On to the Jordan River, from there via Cana to Nazareth, where Jesus spent his youth. Visit the Church of Annunciation built over the house of Joseph and Mary, pass Mary’s Well. Drive to the Holy city of Jerusalem.
    Overnight: Jerusalem 
  • Mount of Olives – Gethsemane – Old City – Bethlehem

    Ascend Mount of Olives for a magnificent panoramic view of the Old City.Mount of Olives churches, JerusalemVisit the Pater Noster Convent where the Lord’s Prayer is written on ceramic tiles. Walk down the Palm Sunday Road, Dominus Flevit Church and the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus was captured. Visit the Church of All Nations. Enter the Old City, visit the Walling Wall, the most important Jewish site. View the Southern Wall excavations. Continue to the Cenacle- the Room of the Last Supper, the Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion and the Pool of Silwan. Drive to Bethlehem; visit the Church of Nativity, birthplace of Jesus and the Shepherds Fields.
    Overnight: Jerusalem 
  • Jerusalem's New City – Via Dolorosa – Holy Sepulcher

    Passing the Hebrew University, the Supreme Court and the Knesset (Israel’s parliament) Visit the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum, explore the Dead Sea Scrolls collection, the greatest relic from the ancient world ever made in this land. Visit Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial and museum dedicated to the 6 million Jewish victims of the Nazi regime in World War II. Drive via the charming village of Ein Karem, birthplace of John the Baptist. Through St. Stephen's Gate we re-enter the Old City, view the Pools of Bethesda and the medieval St. Anne Church, Ecce Homo the Convent of the Sisters of Zion – view the remains of the fortress in which Jesus was tried. Walk the Via Dolorosa, the Way of the Cross, pausing at each station along the way ending at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher with the Calvary (Golgotha) and the Tomb of Christ. Walk through the bustling Arab Bazaar to Jaffa Gate.
    Overnight: Jerusalem 
  • Masada – Qumran – Dead Sea

    Drive down the famous “Jericho Road”, view the Good Samaritan Inn, continue via the Judean wilderness to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. Via the Oasis of Ein Gedi where David hid from King Saul, continue south to Masada. Ascend by cable car to King Herod’s Great Fortress and the Jewish zealots' last stronghold. Tour the palaces, mosaics, frescoed bath-house, the ancient synagogue and water system. Freshen up at one of the Dead Sea spas. On our return to Jerusalem we will visit the Qumran Caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls lay hidden for centuries. Our last stop today is Bethany, where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and lodged at the house of Mary and Martha.
    Overnight: Jerusalem 
  • Departure

    After breakfast transfer to Ben Gurion Airport for your departure
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